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General Online Research 09
April 6-8, 2009
University of Vienna, Austria

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GOR 10: Outlook

We are happy to inform you that next year's GOR will take place in Pforzheim. In Germany Pforzheim is the only University that offers a specialized study program for Business Administration/Market and Communication Research. So, please calendar May 26-28, 2010 so that we will see you at GOR 10!

GOR 09: Brief portrait

The focus of the General Online Research (GOR) is the discussion of basic research, innovative developments, and practical experiences in the field of online research. Online research covers a) all methods, instruments and theories that are dealing with the collection of data via online networks and b) effects of online applications and technologies on all levels of society. That involves mobile communication as well. The annual GOR conference involves research mainly within the social and behavioral sciences. GOR 09 supports the exchange of knowledge not only in an interdisciplinary way, but also between researchers and practitioners as well as between universities and companies.

GOR 09: Presentations available

GOR09 presented findings of research on topics such as statistical bias in online sampling, mobile data collection, online communities and virtual teams, internet & mobile communication in everyday life, and others. You can download the transparencies of last year's GOR via our Conftool. Registration and download are for free, you simply have to create an account. Then go to "Program", choose the session you want to have a look at, click "show downloads" and then you can easily save the file.

GOR 09: Photo-Flashback

Who was there and what happened at GOR 09 in Vienna?
a look via Flickr.

GOR 09: "Poster Award"

Two posters have won the traditional GOR “Poster Award”: Monika Taddicken, academic researcher from university Hohenheim, Alice Hohn and Peter Miltner have won the "Poster Award" which was sponsored by YouGovPsychonomics. Their poster "Naïve Information Disclosers or Target Oriented Spys: Different Ways of Using studiVZ" was designed to characterize users of studiVZ according to their activity level, their level of participation and their knowledge in terms of possibilities of data abuse.

Also on the winner’s podium: Andreas Sackl, graduated student at the university of Vienna, with his poster “Three Different Designs of Type Ranking-Questions”. His study affords an objective assessment of the designs and a contribution to the actual usability research in online surveys.

This year there was also an exceptional price awarded by Globalpark. Rik Koekenbier et al. have won the price with their poster “The STI outpatient clinic online - The use and efficacy of a full-scale STI & HIV testing applications online”. The survey explored the usability of a new national testing and prevention site, mantotman.nl. 

GOR 09: SPIEGEL-Verlag and YouGovPsychonomics have won the "Best Practice Award"

Anja Manouchehri (SPIEGEL-Verlag) and Henner Förstel (YouGovPsychonomics) have won the prize for the best paper from market research which was awarded for the second time. Their paper "Online Streaming-Ads" pleased the jury as well as the audience. The "Best Practice Award" was sponsored by respondi.

The other five entries which also made the informative and enjoyable sessions possible came from: Stefan Althoff (Lufthansa Technik), André Linden (S.A.Groupe Ferrero, Belgium) and Judith Heibter (Dialego), Dr. Martin Einhorn, Dr. Thomas Klein Reesink and Dr. Michael Löffler (Porsche), Dr. Isabel Paar and Dr. Julia Urbahn (Swisscom) as well as from Henner Förstel (YouGovPsychonomics).

Successful premiere: "Best Thesis Award"

The DGOF is happy to announce that two outstanding scientists have won the “Best Thesis Award”: Dr. Vera Toepoel (CentERdata) has won with her thesis “A Closer Look at Web Questionnaire Design”. The dissertation has a closer look at the growing amount of literature that suggests that the design of the survey instrument (visual cues, sample characteristics, etc.) plays an important role in the success of a survey.

J. Roselyn Lee (Stanford University, USA) has won with her thesis “A Threat on the Net: Stereotype Threat in Avatar-Represented Online Groups”. The dissertation investigates how psychological threats associated with social categories such as gender and race play out in computer-mediated group settings.


All addresses at a glance:
Conference/Exhibition/Workshops: University of Vienna, Main Building, Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring 1, 1010 Vienna.
Early Bird Meeting: 10er Marie, Ottakringerstr. 222-224, 1060 Vienna (How to get there: Tube U3, Station "Ottakring").
Party: Moulin Rouge Vienna, Walfischgasse 11, 1010 Vienna (How to get there: Tube U2, Station "Karlsplatz").


Your travel

Still looking for a hotel? Our local partners provide you with a selection of hotels. Moreover our sponsor Austrian Airlines offers you a discount of 15 % on all applicable fares: Further information .


GOR 09: Information for exhibitors and sponsors online

GOR 09 traditionally offers companies different forms of participation. The University of Vienna provides excellent possibilities. Thus, we are pleased to publish the new information for exhibitors and sponsors. The exhibition zone cound be found here.


DGOF prize "Best Research Thesis Award"

Lively interest: 35 junior scientists from Europe, USA, Asia and Australia have submitted their thesis. The DGOF prize is awarded for the first time and will decorate the most exceptional analysis of a specific issue in the area of internet research. The prize has a value of 3000,- Euros. An international jury will choose the winner who will present her/his findings at GOR 09 in Vienna and receive the opportunity to publish the thesis in the book series "Neue Schriften zur Online-Forschung".Further information


Best Practice Award

We are looking for the best case studies! After the very successful premiere at GOR 08 the prize for "best paper from market research" will be awarded for the second time. Submit your paper and let the jury and audience vote. Case studies can be submitted via mail: office@dgof.de.


GOR 09: Call for Papers

Please download the complete CfP here: CfP GOR 09 [PDF]
Please note the new deadline: Nov 09th, 2008!


GOR 08: Photo-Flashback

Do you want to receive an impression of the conference in Hamburg? Have a look at what the DGOF, the key sponsor EARSandEYES and further sponsors and exhibitors have created? Or do you wonder whom you have talked to at the Dialego-Party at the Reeperbahn or at the Interrogare-Catering? Our photographic retrospection provides you with answers!


GOR 08: Comdirect wins "Best Practice Award"

Christian Sothmann and Olde Lorenzen-Schmidt (comdirect AG) have won the prize for best paper from market research which was awarded for the first time. Their paper "Lead Optimized Request Processes within A/B-Test" pleased the jury as well as the audience. The "Best Practice Award" was sponsored by ODC Services and presented in association with Compact, the magazine for market research and consulting within W&V. The live voting was sponsored by mobiTED.

The other six entries which also made the informative and enjoyable sessions possible came from: Stefan Althoff (Lufthansa Technik AG), Claudia Brözel & Dr. Dirk Schmücker (tsebe.de), Andera Gadeib (Dialego AG) & Catherine Genter (Moët Hennessy), Kai Raudzus (Lufthansa Technik), Soreen Schroll (Lufthansa Technik), Julia Urbahn (Swisscom AG).
Photos of the "Best Practice Sessions".


GOR 08: Poster Award

Joachim Schroer and Guido Hertel from the University of Wuerzburg have won the traditional "Poster Award" which was sponsored by psyma. Their poster "Voluntary Engagement in an Open Web-based Encyclopedia: From Reading to Contributing" explores why Wikipedia readers would start to actively engage for Wikipedia. The authors state: "Results revealed perceptions of costs-benefits, expected task enjoyment, and perceived instrumentality of personal contributions as main predictors of the intention to contribute. Active contributions 6 months later depended predominantly on costs-benefits and instrumentality perceptions, typically triggered by incomplete or incorrect Wikipedia articles in one's own field of expertise." The poster can be downloaded in our Conftool. Congratulations!





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