Workshops during the German Online Research 04

1.) title of the workshop:
Network Analysis in the field of Internet research

2.) duration of the workshop
90 min

3.) workshop fees:
25 Euro / 15 Euro

4.) target groups:
Researchers and students who want to to get insights into the capabilities of network analysis for the field of internet research.

5.) Is the workshop prepared for an exclusively German language or an international audience?
It is prepared for an international audience

6.) workshop language
English or German (dependent on the compositin of the audience)

7.) Description of the content of the workshop:
Practical internet social network research will be introduced by making use of a number of examples .
The following topics will be at order during the workshop:

  • Differences between the analysis of attributive survey data and relational network data.
  • Several forms of network analysis, their characterisation, data collection and results:
  • ego-centered networks
  • Connectivity related network analysis
  • Positional network analysis
    These three different views will be explained in a practical way, that is based on examples. We will show two examples for positional network analysis: 1. Virtual communities - mailing lists; 2. Overlapping of memberships in a system of scientific mailing lists.
    The procedure of analysing a social network will be demonstrated in the workshop.All participants will receive a CD with programs for network analysis, relevant articles and exemplary data for further work on their own.

    8.) goals of the workshop:

  • Studying the fundamental differences between attributive and relational research methods.
  • To get ideas for the generation of research questions and their realisation with network analysis and data from the internet.

    9.) necessary previous knowledge:
    Methodological basic knowledge.

    10.) literature that has to be read for participation:

    11.) additional literature
    Schweizer, Thomas, 1996, Muster sozialer Ordnung. Netzwerkanalyse als Fundament der Sozialethnologie. Berlin. Dietrich Reimer.

    Stegbauer, Christian, 2001, Grenzen virtueller Gemeinschaft. Strukturen internetbasierter Kommunikationsgruppen. Wiesbaden: Westdeutscher Verlag.

    Faust, Katherine; Wasserman, Stanley, 1992, Blockmodels: Interpretation and Evaluation. Social Networks 14: 5-61.

    12.) information about the workshop organizer:
    Dr. Christian Stegbauer is Privatdozent (Sociology) at Frankfurt University.Alexander Rausch works as Research Associate (Mathematician) in the University Computer Centre.

    13.) email address for registration of participants: +


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