Workshops during the German Online Research 04

1.) title of the workshop:
How the Visual Layout of Questions Influences Answers to Web and Other Self-Administered Surveys

2.) duration of the workshop:
2 times 90 minutes

3.) workshop fees:
70 resp. 45 Euro (10% reduction for D.G.O.F.e.V. members)

4.) target groups:
Everybody who is interested in the conduction of web-surveys.

5.) Is the workshop prepared for an exclusively German language or an international audience?
international audience

6.) workshop language:

7.) Description of the workshop and his goals:
In its first part, the workshop deals with the theory of visual design of questionnaires. In particular, the processes influencing question design and layout are treated. The second part deals with the results of empirical tests of different web layouts and their influences on response behavior. As examples, the results of two just completed web survey are presented in which four different layouts of various questions were tested. Moreover, further empirical results concerning layout influences are discussed.

8.) necessary previous knowledge:
basic knowledge about questionaire design

9.) literature that has to be read for participation:
no literature necessary

10.) additional literature
Dillman,Don A.: Mail and internet surveys. The tailored design
method. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.2000.

11.) information about the workshop organizer:

12.) email address for registration of participants:



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