General Online Research 2005



  Session 9 - Response Rates in Online Surveys I

Chair: Ulf Reips

M. Bosnjak, O. Wenzel
title: Effects of two innovative techniques to apply incentives in online access panels
Titel: Wirkung zweier innovativer Incentivierungstechniken im Online Access Panel

B. Leidenfrost, B. Strassnig
title: The importance of ensuring anonymity in online research
Titel: Bedeutung der Zusicherung von Anonymität in Online-Untersuchungen

T. Tuten, M. Galesic, M. Bosnjak
title: Optimizing Prize Values in Web Surveys: Further Examination of the Immediacy Effect

S. Lindner, B. Marcus, M. Bosnjak
title: Impact of Topic Salience, Survey Length, and Incentive Type on Response-Rates in a Web-Based Survey: A Field Experiment

G. Loewe, D. Read, m. Airoldi
title: Lessons From An Online Experiment