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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 19/Mar/2015
8:00 Begin Check-In
Opening & Keynote 1
Location: Aula (Mainzer Str. 5)

What can advertising teach us about effective survey design?

Jon Puleston

Lightspeed GMI, United Kingdom

Coffee Break
10:45 Track A: Online Research Methodology and Internet Surveys

Sponsored by GESIS

Track B: Internet and Society

Programme Partner: HIIG

Track C: Social Media Research
Track D: Angewandte Online-Forschung (Applied Online Research)

Programme Partner:

A 2: Measurement
Location: Room 248
Chair: Oliver Bastian Tristan Franken, TU Dresden

Click, Touch, Slide: Impact of the Implementation of Graphical Rating Scales on Data Quality in Mobile and Desktop Settings

Frederik Funke1,2, Vera Toepoel3

1:; 2: LINK Institut, Germany; 3: Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Dynamic Drag-and-Drop Rating Scales in Web Surveys

Tanja Kunz

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

Positioning of Clarification Features in Open Frequency and Open Narrative Questions

Metzler Anke, Marek Fuchs

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

B 2: Citizen Science
Location: Room 147
Chair: Martin Welker, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Get Them Involved: Motivational Strategies of Citizen Science Platforms

Kaja Scheliga1, Benedikt Fecher1,2, Sascha Friesike1,4, Cornelius Puschmann1,3

1: HIIG, Germany; 2: DIW, Germany; 3: Zeppelin Universität, Germany; 4: Universität Würzburg, Germany

Creating deliberation online: Developing a Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany

Lisa Pettibone

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Germany

C 2: Business Analytics with Social Media I
Location: Room 149
Chair: Axel Maireder, GfK

Combining Survey and Social Media Monitoring in an Airline Customer Satisfaction Study

Charlotte Nau, Melanie Arens

TNS Infratest, Germany

Social ratings as the new currency of marketeers? – A comparison of influences from Likes and test seals on product ratings

Christian Bosau1, Liesa Henriette Pöppel1, Ulrich Rieger2

1: Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), Germany; 2: MW Research GmbH, Germany

Brand Engagement Topologies on Instagram

Simeona Petkova

Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Netherlands, The

D 2: GOR Best Practice Award 2015 Competition I
Location: Room 158
Chair: Alexandra Wachenfeld, LINK Institut

Climbing down from the conscious tip of the iceberg – Discovering the unconscious mind of crossdigital consumers

Lisa-Charlotte Wolter1, Maik Schönbach1, Sonja Knab2

1: Hamburg Media School, Germany; 2: TOMORROW FOCUS Media GmbH, Germany

Creating New Grounds for Insight Generation in the Healthcare Market

Juliane Berek1, Claudio Hasler2

1: EARSandEYES GmbH, Germany; 2: MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

Exploring the Web of Sustainability – Understanding Consumer and Stakeholder Groups

Yannick Rieder1, Manuela Wille2, Elke Euler-Horn2

1: Linkfluence Germany GmbH, Germany; 2: Eckes-Granini Group GmbH

Coffee Break
A 3: Mobile Web Surveys
Location: Room 248
Chair: Bella Struminskaya, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Exploring Why Mobile Web Surveys Take Longer

Mick P. Couper1,2, Gregg Peterson1

1: University of Michigan, United States of America; 2: University of Maryland, United States of America

Device choice in web surveys: The effect of differential incentives

Aigul Mavletova1, Mick P. Couper2

1: NRU Higher School of Economics; 2: Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

Responsive Questionnaire Design for Higher Data Quality in Mobile Surveys

Frederik Funke, Carmen Borger

LINK Institut, Germany

B 3: Online Participation
Location: Room 147
Chair: Carol Scovotti, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Skill Divide in Online Participation: The Case of Wikipedia

Aaron Shaw, Eszter Hargittai

Northwestern University, United States of America

Open Education and Online Participation: Exchanging Practices inside a Research Project

Francisco Freitas

Centro de Estudos Sociais, Portugal

C 3: Business Analytics with Social Media II
Location: Room 149
Chair: Christian Bosau, Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH)

A Longitudinal Perspective on the Social Media Usage by Retailers

Rianne van Lambalgen1, Jesse Weltevreden2

1: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; 2: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

“Can Internet Searches Forecast Tourism Inflows?”

Concha Artola1, Pablo de Pedraza2, Fernando Pinto3

1: Central Bank of Spain, Spain; 2: University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 3: University of Salamanca, Spain

Phubbing because of FoMO? – “Fear of Missing Out” as a predictor for problematic mobile phone use – when being alone and in company

Christian Bosau, Max Kühn

Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln (RFH), Germany

D 3: GOR Best Practice Award 2015 Competition II
Location: Room 158
Chair: Oliver Tabino, linkfluence Germany & Q Agentur für Forschung

Native Ads - Ad Content in Context

Kerstin Hammen1, Michael Wörmann2, Eva Herzog1

1: Yahoo! Germany, Germany; 2: Facit Digital GmbH, Germany

Screentypes - representative typologies of smartphone- and tablet-users

Anja Manouchehri1, Wolfgang Dittrich2

1: Axel Springer Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; 2: d.core GmbH, Germany

Using Online Real-Time-Measurement for a Deeper Understanding of TV-Spot Impact

Angelina Brandenburg1, Michael Lenz2

1: YouGov Deutschland AG, Germany; 2: InnoGames GmbH, Germany

E: Präsentation der Auftaktstudie zur Tour der Marktforschung 2015
Location: Room 248
Chair: Raimund Wildner, GfK-Nürnberg e. V.
Chair: Daniel Förtsch, Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.

Eine Veranstaltung der Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.

C 4: Demos: Showcasing new technical developments
Location: Room 158
Chair: Alexander Wenz, University of Essex

nodeGame: a tool for real-time on-line behavioral experiments

Stefano Balietti

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Automatic analysis of open questions in market research

Johannes Hercher, Joao Filipe Baigger

Rogator AG, Germany

A Near Real-Time Application for Twitter Data Analysis

Zinayida Petrushyna1, Alexandra Chueva2, Ralf Klamma3, Joachim Lanfermann4

1: RWTH Aachen University, Germany; 2: RWTH Aachen University, Germany, e-dynamics GmbH, Aachen, Germany; 3: RWTH Aachen University, Germany; 4: e-dynamics GmbH

The design for an advanced, multi-country, web-based survey and coding tool for occupations in ISCO-08

Kea Tijdens

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Getting closer to the moment of truth with qualitative online and mobile diaries

Zacharias de Groote

Liveloop GmbH, Germany

D 4: Panel Discussion: Behavioural Economics: A new idea of man – a need for new methods?
Location: Room 248
Chair: Horst Müller-Peters,

Panelists include:

Dr. Florian Bauer (Member of the Board, Vocatus AG, Germany)

Prof. Dirk Frank (Managing Director, ISM Global Dynamics, Germany)

Jon Puleston (VP of  Innovation, Lightspeed GMI, United Kingdom)

Orlando Wood (Managing Director, BrainJuicer Labs, United Kingdom)


Behavioural Economics: A new idea of man – a need for new methods?

Horst Müller-Peters, Germany

Poster Session I: Online Methodology and Applied Online Research

Virtual Teams at Work: Do Attractive Interfaces Improve Performance?

Maria Douneva1, Russell Haines2, Meinald T. Thielsch1

1: University of Münster, Germany; 2: Old Dominion University, USA

Connecting Offline and Online Surveys: Reconsidering Respondent Determinants in Attribute Bias

Sae Okura1, Yohei Kobashi1, Leslie Tkach-Kawasaki1, Manuela Hartwig2, Yutaka Tsujinaka1

1: University of Tsukuba, Japan; 2: Free University of Berlin, Germany

Higher response rates at the expense of validity? Consequences of the implementation of the ‘forced response' option within online surveys

Jean Philippe Décieux2, Alexandra Mergener1, Kristina Neufang3, Philipp Sischka2

1: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Germany; 2: University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg; 3: University of Trier, Germany

A comparison of two eye-tracking supported cognitive pretesting techniques

Cornelia Neuert, Timo Lenzner

Gesis - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Development and Validation of the "Participatory Market Communication Scale" (PMCS)

Stefan Beckert, Alena Kirchenbauer, Julia Niemann, Alexander Schulze

Universität Hohenheim, Germany

webdatanet & webdatametrics

Pablo de Pedraza

Univerity of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Who is Your Customer? A Data-Driven Approach to B2B Customer & Competitive Analysis

Carol Scovotti1, Ross Scovotti2

1: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, United States of America; 2: NueMedia, LLC, United States of America

Research on Pilot Survey for Mixed Mode Effects: Face to Face Survey and Internet Survey

KyuHo Shim1, KyungEun Lim2

1: Statistics Korea, Korea, Republic of (South Korea); 2: Statistics Korea, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Not to Be Considered Harmful: Mobile Users Do Not Spoil Data Quality in Web Surveys

Jana Sommer, Birk Diedenhofen, Jochen Musch

University of Duesseldorf, Germany

Poster Session II: Social Media and Internet Research

The social network analysis of a public debate about the present referendum in Slovakia

Martin Boroš

Masaryk university, Brno, Czech Republic

Open Science in Practice — Sharing Research Data in Academia

Benedikt Fecher, Marcel Hebing, Sascha Friesike, Stephanie Linek


Facilitating Lifelong Learning by Social Media Tools

Oliver Bastian Tristan Franken, Matthias Heinz, Helge Fischer, Thomas Köhler

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Functions and vulnerability of political sphere in the Internet

Alexander Kosenkov

Freelance security analyst, Ukraine

Lucky Users on Cloud Nine? Applying the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of New Technology (UTAUT) on Cloud Computing Usage Behavior with Focus on Perceived Trust and Security Risks

Heiko Moryson1, Guido Moeser2

1: University of Giessen, Germany; 2: masem research institute GmbH

Maintaining the Audience through Relationship Marketing on Facebook: The Case of Berlin – Tag & Nacht and Köln 50667

Julia Niemann, Michaela Streicher, Michael Schenk

Universität Hohenheim, Germany

"Germans about Ebola"

Martha Posthofen, Alana Knode, Anna Schneider

YouGov, Germany

Understanding Scientific Conference Tweets

Steffen Lemke, Athanasios Mazarakis, Isabella Peters

Kiel University - ZBW, Germany

Digital Strategy: Development of a concept how companies should implement stakeholder's perception and web research behaviour within their online communication

Tobias Looschelders

Deutsches Medieninstitut, Germany

Coffee Break
A 5: Response Quality & Fraudulent Respondent Behaviour
Location: Room 248
Chair: Ines Schaurer, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Are professional respondents a threat to probability-based online panels?

Joop J. Hox, Edith D. de Leeuw

Utrecht University, the Netherlands

PageFocus: Using Paradata to Detect and Prevent Cheating in Online Achievement Tests

Birk Diedenhofen, Stefan Trost, Jochen Musch

University of Duesseldorf, Germany

Counting confusion: The role of attitude importance and item clarity in extreme responding

Anton Örn Karlsson1, Vaka Vésteinsdóttir1, Fanney Thorsdottir1, Nick Allum2

1: University of Iceland, Iceland; 2: University of Essex, United Kingdom

B 5: Social Media & Society
Location: Room 147
Chair: Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Social network sites and smartphone's news alerts as an alternative means for news consumption in Israel

Yaron Ariel, Vered Malka

Yezreel Valley College, Israel

Social media in election campaigns: Different channels, different patterns?

Stephen Quinlan, Tobias Gummer, Joss Roßmann, Christof Wolf

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Users' best friend during a national crisis? WhatsApp and its roles in the lives of Israeli citizens in wartime

Vered Malka, Yaron Ariel, Ruth Avidar

Yezreel Valley College, Israel

C 5: GOR Thesis Award 2015 Competition I: Dissertation
Location: Room 154
Chair: Meinald T. Thielsch, University of Muenster
Chair: Frederik Funke, (1) LINK Institut (2)

Open-ended questions in Web surveys - Using visual and adaptive questionnaire design to improve narrative responses

Matthias Emde

Universität Hamburg, Germany

Data quality in probability-based online panels: Nonresponse, attrition, and panel conditioning

Bella Struminskaya

GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Structure, change over time, and outcomes of research collaboration networks: the case of GRAND

Zack Hayat

The Interdisciplinary center, herzliya, Israel

D 5: No borders, no limits? Experiences in multinational market research
Location: Room 158
Chair: Holger Geißler, YouGov Deutschland


  • Dr. Martin Marganus (former Head of Customer Insight, Allianz SE)
  • Simon Kluge (Head of Business Unit BrandIndex, YouGov Deutschland)

The rise of online market research – experiences and challenges in global projects

Martin Marganus

formerly Allianz SE, Germany

Measuring brands globally - It's all about operational excellence!

Simon Kluge

YouGov Deutschland, Germany

Coffee Break
A 6: Enhancing Survey Response
Location: Room 248
Chair: Anton Örn Karlsson, University of Iceland

How the Timing of Informed Consent on Paradata Use Affects Response Behavior

Sabine Sattelberger

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz / Department of Political Science / German Politics and Political Sociology, Germany

A quasi-experiment on effects of prepaid versus promised incentives on participation in a probability-based mixed-mode panel

Ines Schaurer1, Michael Bosnjak1,2

1: GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany; 2: Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

On the Impact of the Presentation Form of Vignettes and the Choice of Response Scales on the Answering Behavior in Vignette Studies

Hawal Shamon

University of Cologne, Germany

B 6: e-Commerce
Location: Room 147
Chair: Rianne van Lambalgen, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Investment, Purchase or Alms – The Motivation of Investors in Reward-Based Crowd-funding in the Video Gaming Industry

Norbert Steigenberger

University of Cologne, Germany

The Online Cross-border Shopping Experience

Sjoukje Goldman1, Rick Heldoorn2, Hester Van Herk2

1: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands; 2: VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

C 6: GOR Thesis Award 2015 Competition II: Bachelor/Master
Location: Room 154
Chair: Meinald T. Thielsch, University of Muenster
Chair: Frederik Funke, (1) LINK Institut (2)

Sexist Comments in Online Social Networks. How the Degrees of Interpersonal Familiarity and Social Costs Affect the Targets’ Private and Public Responses

Anja Katrin Munder

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

Predicting Response Times in Web Surveys

Alexander Wenz

University of Essex, United Kingdom

Website Evaluation at Different Phases of Website Use

Leonie Flacke

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany

D 6: Instant Research: Quick without dirty?
Location: Room 158
Chair: Olaf Hofmann, SKOPOS Institut für Markt- und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH & Co. KG


  • Andreas Woppmann (Managing Director, advise research)
  • Oliver Trabert (CTO, Questback)
  • Barbara Garau (Head of Global Solutions, Innovation & Forecasting,Ipsos InnoQuest)

Speed-Up! Tailor made solutions for urgent decisions

Andreas Woppmann

advise research gmbh, Germany

Market Research on the Fly – A Contradiction in Terms?

Oliver Trabert

Questback GmbH, Germany

Demanding Better – Not Just Faster – Research in the Digital Age

Barbara Garau

Ipsos InnoQuest, France

20:00 GOR Party

Location: Gewölbe (Hans-Böckler-Platz 2, 50672 Cologne)

The GOR Best Practice Award 2015 will be awarded at the Party!

The GOR Party is sponsored by SSI.

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