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Session Overview
D 5: No borders, no limits? Experiences in multinational market research
Thursday, 19/Mar/2015:
15:45 - 16:45

Session Chair: Holger Geißler, YouGov Deutschland
Location: Room 158
Fachhochschule Köln/ Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Claudiusstr. 1, 50678 Cologne


  • Dr. Martin Marganus (former Head of Customer Insight, Allianz SE)
  • Simon Kluge (Head of Business Unit BrandIndex, YouGov Deutschland)

Session Abstract

Online research due to its advantages in saving time and costs as well as its ease in centralized coordination appears to be the ideal method to efficiently conduct multi-national projects. But what are the real experiences in this field? How well does the steering in projects like this work, and in how far do differences in samples, questionnaires and respondent behaviour hamper the comparability of results? What are the specific demands on the establishment and maintenance of multinational research tools and which lessons can researchers as well as clients draw from that?


The rise of online market research – experiences and challenges in global projects

Martin Marganus

formerly Allianz SE, Germany

Allianz is generating more than 80% of revenues under the Allianz brand. With over 83 mn customers in 70 countries, managing a global brand requires truly global market research capabilities.

Digitalization has a profound impact on consumer behavior and it therefore is little surprise, that online is the method of choice for most quantitative market research projects. The largest project Allianz is running, is the annual brand performance tracking carried out in 22 countries with over 30000 responses. More than two thirds are generated online. Better central steering and quality assurance as well as considerable cost savings for fieldwork and a shorter overall timeline are the main benefits.

There are, however, a number of challenges which need to be managed properly to ensure consistency and quality of data across geographies. Rules have therefore been established to mitigate potential risks.

Nonetheless, there are typical differences between results generated online versus offline. More brands are known and considered for purchase in online research, while image and loyalty results are lower. Open ended questions are answered by fewer respondents, yet the content is richer. Yet our experience shows, that online surveys produce more consistent results over time and across geographies.

The further growth of online research will depend on the availability of high quality access panels. Pure price competition resulted in quality issues especially in emerging markets. Panel provider need to invest in their recruiting processes, create an emotional connection with their members and consider closed expert platforms to stay relevant. Moreover, online research will increasingly take place on mobile devices especially to reach younger target segments and consumers in Asia. This requires responsive design and more concise questions.

Measuring brands globally - It's all about operational excellence!

Simon Kluge

YouGov Deutschland, Germany

Simon Kluge is Head of Business Unit BrandIndex at YouGov Germany and will share insights about the challenges online market researches meet when implementing, running and working with results of an international research brand performance tracking solution. The YouGov BrandIndex service is now available in 20 countries of the world and requires daily online interviews provided by either own or panel partner solutions in each country. In addition, he will share how Yougov deals with the different attitudes of people from various cultural backgrounds when answering scale questions to evaluate brands. That's an additional challenge online researchers need to be aware of in order to ensure reliability and comparability of results originating from various countries.
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