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Session Overview
Workshop 2
Wednesday, 18/Mar/2015:
13:30 - 16:30

Location: Room 149
Fachhochschule Köln/ Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Claudiusstr. 1, 50678 Cologne


R 101: Introduction to R, an open-source software for statistical computing

Frederik Funke

(1) LINK Institut (2), Germany

1.) Title of the workshop

R 101: Introduction to R, an open-source software for statistical computing

2.) The workshop includes 2.5 hours of instruction.

3.) Target groups

Persons who are interested in a first hands-on introduction to the free software R (see, which can be used as alternative to Excel and statistical packages like IBM SPSS Statistics or Stata.

4.) Is the workshop geared at an exclusively German or an international audience?

International audience

5.) Workshop language

Depends on audience: In German if all participants speak German, otherwise in English.

6.) Description of the content of the workshop

A basic introduction to descriptive statistical analyzes and to data visualization. Participants will become acquainted with basic procedures, guidelines, and general rules.

7.) Goals of the workshop

After the workshop participants will be able to perform basic operations (e.g., import of data sets, computation of new variables), use important functions (e.g., summary statistics, crosstabs), and build simple charts (e.g., bar charts, pie charts, box plots).

8.) Necessary prior knowledge of participants


9.) Literature that participants need to read prior to participation


10.) Recommended additional literature

In English:

Adler, J. (2012). R in a nutshell: A desktop quick reference (2nd ed.). Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly.

Crawley, M. J. (2012). The R book (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Field, A., Miles, J., & Field, Z. (2012). Discovering Statistics using R. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

In German:

Groß, J. (2010). Grundlegende Statistik mit R: Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung in die Verwendung der Statistik Software R. Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner.

Luhmann, M. (2013). R für Einsteiger: Einführung in die Statistiksoftware für Sozialwissenschaftler (3. Auflage). Weinheim: Beltz.

Manderscheid, K. (2012). Sozialwissenschaftliche Datenanalyse mit R. Wiesbaden: VS.

11.) Information about the instructor

Dr. Funke (see is freelance consultant and trainer for statistics and surveys, focussing on questionnaire design, design of experiments, and methods of data analysis. He offers trainings on R and IBM SPSS Statistics and helps to optimize workflows. Furthermore, he works as senior project manager online research at LINK Institut and as lecturer in higher education.

12.) Maximum number of participants

15 participants

13.) Will participants need to bring their own devices in order to be able to access the Internet? Will they need to bring anything else to the workshop?

Own laptop computers (R runs on Linux and on MacOS as well as on Windows) are required. Internet access could help but is not mandatory. All participants have to install software before the workshop. A detailed description on how to install the necessary software will be provided two weeks before the workshop.

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