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Session Overview
D 6: Instant Research: Quick without dirty?
Thursday, 19/Mar/2015:
17:00 - 18:00

Session Chair: Olaf Hofmann, SKOPOS Institut für Markt- und Kommunikationsforschung GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Room 158
Fachhochschule Köln/ Cologne University of Applied Sciences
Claudiusstr. 1, 50678 Cologne


  • Andreas Woppmann (Managing Director, advise research)
  • Oliver Trabert (CTO, Questback)
  • Barbara Garau (Head of Global Solutions, Innovation & Forecasting,Ipsos InnoQuest)

Session Abstract

Is speed king? Clients of market research increasingly expect to receive data as soon as possible on decision-making processes which continuously become quicker and quicker. 24- or 48-hour-studies are no exception anymore. With the help of real time research a company’s customer interaction  is supported live and continuously with empirical data.

Particularly online as well as mobile research contribute to the quickening pace of research. This conference session will assess the potential as well as the methods of instant research. It will critically address the question in how far speed is achieved at the expense of reliability and validity of results and whether these are still of interest at all to clients of market research.


Speed-Up! Tailor made solutions for urgent decisions

Andreas Woppmann

advise research gmbh, Germany

In recent years, time-to-market has become one of the most important criteria for companies to be one step ahead of competitors. But market research is often blamed on slowing down the product development process. Hence, in urgent cases, market research projects are often cancelled and decisions are based only on management’s gut feeling. This might be sufficient in some cases but lead to the question: is there a way to collect and analyze consumer data significantly faster? In addition to existing speed-tools that are mainly based on standardized questions, many companies already have their own research methods. As these are already well-known and accepted by all stakeholders, there is a great need to speed-up existing clients’ research methods.

Based on different projects, e.g. for SPIEGEL ONLINE with n=1.012 German WhatsApp user and an urgent multi-country study in Mexico, Czech and Russia, we want to show how non-standardized surveys can deliver quick results without being “dirty”. To achieve this, projects need acceleration in all research steps beginning with a focused test design, a high internal standardization by using innovative software tools and a speed-up of fieldwork. The latter is often discussed by the research society, especially for online research. But showing results of some online experiments will give an answer to this. To be quick not dirty, it is crucial to have market representative quotas and to calculate significant differences for example.

Value added: while this approach is very suitable for well-defined purposes with concrete stimulus-materials, e.g. concepts, packs or advertisement it is rather less recommended for strategic purposes. In general, it is not only possible for online research but also applicable for Studio tests or CATI interviews, quantitative as well as qualitative.

Market Research on the Fly – A Contradiction in Terms?

Oliver Trabert

Questback GmbH, Germany

Today an app exists for everything: chatting, cooking, healthcare, exercising and many more. The “DIY” trend is more prominent than ever. Why?

Because it is easy and technically feasible. But is it also appropriate for market research?

The answer: It depends. Not a very satisfying answer to be honest, but for single spot questions and polls free tools and apps can be a cost-efficient way to collect top-level or event-driven insights. However, for complex, sophisticated insightful questions, self-made research is stretched to its limits.

In his statement, Oliver Trabert, CTO of Questback will show when Do-It-Yourself-research can create value and when more profound research is needed.

Demanding Better – Not Just Faster – Research in the Digital Age

Barbara Garau

Ipsos InnoQuest, France

Our world is changing and the pace of that change is astonishing. Technology is developing at an exponential rate. Consumers want you to dazzle them –to give them the ‘wow’ – and they don’t want to wait for anything. Organizations are changing too. Marketers are being pushed to do more with less and to get to market faster. Innovating in this context is challenging and marketers are faced with a dilemma: get research results they can count on or take a chance and sacrifice quality for speed.

We will present a case study on how a restaurant client not only tested their ideas overnight and got validated results but also developed a new innovation process to accelerate speed to market moving forward.

For this client, the end result was not just faster results: the client actually walked away with more consumer insights than had been generated with a traditional approach to innovation. Based on this experience, along with similar experiences with clients who refuse to give up quality for speed, we will discuss how harnessing the power of the digital age shouldn’t be just about faster research, but about better research as well.
Garau-Demanding Better – Not Just Faster – Research-261.pptx

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