Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 07/Mar/2019
9:00 Track A: Internet Surveys, Mobile Web, and Online Research Methodology II
Location: Room 154

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A12: Understanding Consumer Behaviour
Location: Room 154
Chair: Lisa Dust, Facts and Stories GmbH, Germany

In search of inspiration – Exploring the product category

Sophie Vogt

KERNWERT GmbH, Germany

Believing in social proof or personal experience? - Contrasting and comparing the effect of different kinds of eWOM in online shops

Christian Bosau, Levi Meyer

Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln, Germany

Recreational gaming – dependence and social problems as outdated concepts in a new world of gaming?

Birgit Ursula Stetina, Jan Aden, Anastasiya Bunina, Carolin Griehsler, Zuzana Kovacovsky, Reinhard Ohnutek, Armin Klaps

Sigmund Freud University, Austria

A13: Data Quality in (Mobile)Web Surveys
Location: Room 154
Chair: Olga Maslovskaya, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Out of sight, Out of mind? Survey Modes Effect in objective and subjective questions

Joachim Schork2, Cesare Antonio Fabio Riillo1, Johann Neumayr2

1: STATEC research, Luxembourg; 2: STATEC, Luxembourg

Attention checks in web surveys: The issue of false positives due to non-compliance

Henning Silber, Joss Roßmann, Tobias Gummer

GESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Germany

Effects of Survey Design and Smartphone Use on Response Quality: Evidence from a Web Survey Experiment

Joss Roßmann

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

A15: Online Survey Experiments
Location: Room 154
Chair: Diana Steger, Universität Ulm, Germany

On the Transportability of Experimental Results

Felix Bader

University of Mannheim, Germany

Price setting in a VUCA world: a simple approach to re-interprete the van-Westendorp-approach (PSM)

Andreas Krämer

University of Applied Sciences Europe, Germany

A16: Activities in Online Communities
Location: Room 154
Chair: Hannah Bucher, GESIS, Germany

FemalePathways to Online Pornography – Less Addiction – more Play

Armin Klaps, Lukas Kloss, Jan Aden, Anastasiya Bunina, Zuzana Kovacovsky, Reinhard Ohnutek, Birgit Ursula Stetina

Sigmund Freud Private University, Austria

Branching Out the Babytree: The Effects of Dual Peer Group Membership on Social Support During Pregnancy in Online Communities

Lingqing Jiang2, Zhen Zhu1

1: University of Greenwich, United Kingdom; 2: University of Essex, United Kingdom