Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop 1
Wednesday, 06/Mar/2019:
10:00 - 1:00

Location: Room 158
TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences


Developing Dashboards in Microsoft Power BI

Gernot Heisenberg

TH Köln, Germany

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 h

Target groups: all data-affine people

Is the workshop geared at an exclusively German or an international audience? international

Workshop language: English (German if no international attendees)

Description of the content of the workshop:

  1. Getting started with Power BI.
  2. Read data and do preprocessing using the Power BI Editor.
  3. Perform simple to complex data transformations.
  4. Visualize data using Power BI visuals and how to select appropriate ones.
  5. Get more out of your data using the DAX expression language in Power BI.
  6. Tell a story with your data.
  7. Upload and publish your dashboard.

Goals of the workshop:

You will have to basics for analyzing and visualizing data in an interactive dashboard using Power BI.

Necessary prior knowledge of participants:

Excel knowhow is crucial and to have a good feeling for data.

Literature that participants need to read prior to participation: none

Recommended additional literature: "Power BI from Rookie to Rock Star" by Reza Rad

Information about the instructor:

Maximum number of participants: 20-30

Will participants need to bring their own devices in order to be able to access the Internet? Will they need to bring anything else to the workshop? Yes, please bring your own notebook (Windows or Mac with Paralles/Dual Boot). Please add a mouse, since we are going to click a lot :-)