Conference Agenda

Session Overview
Workshop 2
Wednesday, 06/Mar/2019:
10:00 - 1:00

Location: Room 149
TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences


The Questback Data Privacy Assistant

Hannah Esser

Questback GmbH, Germany

Duration of the workshop: 2.5 h

Target groups: online researchers in general

Is the workshop geared at an exclusively German or an international audience? international

Workshop language: English

Description of the content of the workshop: This workshop will provide an introduction to the data privacy assistant in EFS - a tool that is designed to aid in the GDPR compliance of surveys. In this workshop participants will learn about the different features of the tool, their relevance to GDPR as well as their basic implementation in an EFS project.

Goals of the workshop: Basic understanding of how the Questback software can support in conducting GDPR compliant surveys

Necessary prior knowledge of participants: Basic EFS knowledge, no prior knowledge of the data privacy assistant

Literature that participants need to read prior to participation: none

Recommended additional literature: none

Information about the instructor: As consultant at Questback, Hannah Esser predominantely works in the HR sector implementing large employee surveys grounded in complex organizational structures. She has a background in Psychology and marketing and a well-founded knowledge in empirical research methods.

Maximum number of participants: 8

Will participants need to bring their own devices in order to be able to access the Internet? Will they need to bring anything else to the workshop? Participants need to bring their own devices, Internet access is required and will be provided by DGOF.