Conference Agenda

Session Overview
E: Spotlight Global Research Quality Standard ISO 20252
Thursday, 07/Mar/2019:
2:15 - 3:30

Location: Room 69
TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences

This talk ends at 3pm


Why do so many companies and institutions fail despite a working business model?

Olaf Hofmann

SKOPOS, Germany

How a strong focus on quality and processes contributes to the success of companies like Amazon - and why an ISO 20252 certification should therefore be at the core of your business focus, too.

Companies like Amazon and many others in the digital space have successfully proven that a strong focus on processes, customer orientation, and quality will lead almost automatically to strong and steady growth and a healthy bottom line.

Many research companies, old ones and new ones, are lacking this focus. This has an increasingly negative impact on their businesses – and it helps new players and startups tremendously. Digitalization further increases negative impact of a lacking focus on quality.

The global research quality standard ISO 20252 has been developed to assist research providers and end clients to find and / or to maintain their focus on quality and customer orientation.

Specific examples on how the implementation of ISO 20252 have changed research organizations will be provided. And we will see how becoming customer and therefore more quality focused ultimately leads to significant improvements in their market success.

Olaf Hofmann has studied Psychology at the University of Bonn and has founded SKOPOS in 1995. Olaf is participating in the German ISO mirror committee since 2002 and is a member of the ISO-Delegation which represents Austria, Swiss and Germany since 2005.

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