Conference Agenda

Session Overview
D16: 4-to-the-floor: Text Analytics
Thursday, 07/Mar/2019:
6:00 - 7:00

Session Chair: Holger Lütters, HTW Berlin, Germany
Session Chair: Cathleen M. Stuetzer, TU Dresden & DGOF, Germany
Location: Room 248
TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences

Session Abstract

The idea is to have 4 companies presenting a similar idea. The audience should learn about the state of the art of an approach in less than one hour.

At GOR19 the topic is: text analytics

4 companies present their approach in text analytics based on a common data set. The participants in this session get a quick overview of the challenges when analysis text data coming from speech.


Caplena's equips agencies & corporates with a simple solution to analyze the increasing volume of open-ended questions. Our augmented-intelligence approach significantly reduces the time to insight, while delivering results comparable in quality to manual categorization.

Insius' Conversational Intelligence and Text Mining platform InMap allows researchers to elicit and cluster consumers' associations, sentiments and hidden thought patterns from all kinds of text data such as interviews, open ended questions or social media mentions.

Symanto is a leading artificial intelligence company in utilizing psycho-linguistic profiling to provide a deep understanding of the human motivations, attitudes and emotions behind behavior. Using a unique algorithm with the principles of psychology, natural language processing and deep learning, we are able to humanize data by finding personality traits. Since 2010, we pursuit to provide the deepest possible customer understanding. We continue to merge different disciplines, cultures, exceptional expertise and skills, which makes us grow rapidly and dynamically.

No contributions were assigned to this session.