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Author(s) Organization(s) Contribution Title
Gaaw, StephanieTU Dresden, GermanyImpact evaluation by using text mining and sentiment analysis
Gavras, Konstantin LeonardoUniversity of Mannheim, GermanyVoice Recording in Mobile Web Surveys - Evidence From an Experiment on Open-Ended Responses to the "Final Comment"  Presenter
Geißler, HolgerDCORE, Germany;
Datalion GmbH, Germany
Analyzing Budget Data with Market Research Tools: How Efficient Systems Can Provide More Insights  Presenter
Gemander, MarcelBielefeld University, GermanyDonald Says – Visualizing the impact of Donald Trump‘s statements and actions on the news  Presenter
Gilbert, EmilyUniversity College London, United KingdomDesign and Implementation of a Mixed Mode Time Use Diary in the Age 14 Survey of the Millennium Cohort Study  Presenter
Glinski, PatriciaHochschule Ruhr West, GermanyStyle for Success? A Study on the Impact of Avatars’ Styling on Perceived Competence and Warmth.
Görnandt, JuliaSKIM, Germany(Wo)man vs. Machine: If, how, and when to automate Qualitative Research  Presenter
The Online Overload: Predicting Consumer Choice in a Digital World  Presenter
Graf, ChristianUXessible GbR, GermanyFightclub - Market research vs. UX research
Griehsler, CarolinSigmund Freud University, AustriaRecreational gaming – dependence and social problems as outdated concepts in a new world of gaming?
Gröne, AnnikaDCORE GmbH, GermanyHow to allocate resources best – case study of a nationwide newspaper  Presenter
Groth, CarinaBielefeld University of Applied Sciences, GermanyThe Relevance of IT-Competencies in a Digitalized Work Environment
Guadagni, PaoloThe Visual Agency, ItalyVisualisation of Data – Then and Now
Guess, AndrewLondon School of EconomicsHow Nudges Can (De)polarize America: A Field Experiment on the Effects of Online Media Exposure
Gummer, TobiasGESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, GermanyAttention checks in web surveys: The issue of false positives due to non-compliance
Effects of using numeric instead of semantic labels in rating scales  Presenter
Integrating web tracking and surveys to investigate selective exposure in news consumption
Linking survey data with social media data and the importance of informed consent
Güven, MelissaHochschule Ruhr West, GermanyDo We Blame it for Its Gender? How Specific Gender Cues Affect the Evaluation of Virtual Online Assistants