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Author(s) Organization(s) Contribution Title
Jablonka, MarcelTU Dresden, GermanyImpact evaluation by using text mining and sentiment analysis
Jäckle, AnnetteUniversity of Essex, United KingdomProcess Quality and Adherence in a Mobile App Study to Collect Expenditure Data within a Probability Household Longitudinal Study
Jessop, CurtisNatCen Social Research, United KingdomThe Presentation of Don't Know Answer Options in Web Surveys: an Experiment with the NatCen Panel
Jiang, LingqingUniversity of Essex, United KingdomBranching Out the Babytree: The Effects of Dual Peer Group Membership on Social Support During Pregnancy in Online Communities
Jiao, RuohuangUtrecht University, Netherlands, TheThe Reputation Effects in C2C Online Markets: A Meta-analysis  Presenter
Jin, SarahHappy Thinking People GmbH, GermanyOut With Words: Are Pictures the New Black?
Jörgens, DanielKTH Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenDeep Learning – Decision Making Made Easy?  Presenter
Exploring Instagram Data: What’s in Instagram for Market Research and Social Sciences?
Jucks, ReginaUniversity of Münster, GermanyWhen Passion Meets Technology: Enthusiasm Influences Credibility and Trustworthiness in Online Health Forums
Jussila, JariHäme University of Applied Sciences, FinlandFinnish CEOs in Twitter: Online communication strategies of CEOs with a successful Twitter presence