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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Jablonka, MarcelTU Dresden, GermanyB02
Jäckle, AnnetteUniversity of Essex, United KingdomB09
Jessop, CurtisNatCen Social Research, United KingdomA09
Jiang, LingqingUniversity of Essex, United KingdomA16
Jiao, RuohuangUtrecht University, Netherlands, TheB11  Presenter
Jin, SarahHappy Thinking People GmbH, GermanyD09
Jörgens, DanielKTH Royal Institute of Technology, SwedenD10  Presenter, B06
Jucks, ReginaUniversity of Münster, GermanyC10
Jussila, JariHäme University of Applied Sciences, FinlandC06