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Egger, MarcInsius UG, GermanyAutomation of the Real Voice of the Customer. Use of massive audio and video interaction in online interviews
Towards the Human-Machine-Symbiosis: Artificial Intelligence as a Support for Natural Language Clustering  Presenter
Eiler, Brian A.Northern Arizona University, United States of AmericaUsing Publicly Available Data to Examine Potential Cultural Influence on Concussion Risk in American Football Players
Eimler, SabrinaHochschule Ruhr West, Germany;
University of Applied Science Ruhr West, Germany
Do We Blame it for Its Gender? How Specific Gender Cues Affect the Evaluation of Virtual Online Assistants
Style for Success? A Study on the Impact of Avatars’ Styling on Perceived Competence and Warmth.
Teaching Practical Tasks with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: An Experimental Study Comparing Learning Outcomes
When Gender-Bias Meets Fake-News - Results of Two Experimental Online-Studies
Elevelt, AnneUtrecht University, Netherlands, TheAdapting surveys to the modern world: comparing a researchmessenger design to a regular responsive design for online surveys
Smartphones: From Survey Design to Sensor Data
Squats in surveys: the use of accelerometers for fitness tasks in surveys  Presenter
Emery, TomNetherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), NetherlandsOnline, Face-to-Face or Mixed-Mode? Findings from a Methodological Experiment in the GGP Context
Erdal, DilaraUniversity of Münster, GermanyOnline recruiting methods from the perspective of job candidates
Erle, LukasUniversity of Applied Science Ruhr West, GermanyWhen Gender-Bias Meets Fake-News - Results of Two Experimental Online-Studies
Erner, Françoisrespondi, FranceIs influencer marketing overpromising?
The Appiness project - How do (un)happy people behave online?  Presenter
Esser, HannahQuestback GmbH, GermanyThe Questback Data Privacy Assistant  Presenter