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Gaaw, StephanieTU Dresden, GermanyText Mining and NLP
Gavras, Konstantin LeonardoUniversity of Mannheim, GermanyNew Technologies and Human-like Interviewing  Presenter
Geißler, HolgerDCORE, Germany;
Datalion GmbH, Germany
Data Systems instead of Ad Hoc Research?  Presenter
Gemander, MarcelBielefeld University, GermanyData Visualization – From Relevant Insights to Meaningful Stories  Presenter
Gilbert, EmilyUniversity College London, United KingdomMixing the Modes  Presenter
Glinski, PatriciaHochschule Ruhr West, GermanyPoster Session (Part III)
Görnandt, JuliaSKIM, GermanyDigitalization in Qualitative Research: Opportunities, Limitations  Presenter
GOR Best Practice Award 2019 Competition I  Presenter
Graf, ChristianUXessible GbR, GermanyPoster Session (Part I)
Griehsler, CarolinSigmund Freud University, AustriaUnderstanding Consumer Behaviour
Gröne, AnnikaDCORE GmbH, GermanyGOR Best Practice Award 2019 Competition I  Presenter
Groth, CarinaBielefeld University of Applied Sciences, GermanyPoster Session (Part IV)
Guadagni, PaoloThe Visual Agency, ItalyData Visualization – From Relevant Insights to Meaningful Stories
Guess, AndrewLondon School of EconomicsTracking Political Behaviour
Gummer, TobiasGESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, GermanyData Quality in (Mobile)Web Surveys
Poster Session (Part IV)
Privacy and Trust
Scales and Don't Know Answers  Presenter
Güven, MelissaHochschule Ruhr West, GermanyPoster Session (Part I)