Welcome to GOR 2002  

The 5th German Online Research Conference (GOR) was held October 10-11, 2002 in Hohenheim near Stuttgart, as it was jointly organized by DGOF and the Department for Communication Science and Journalism (Prof. Claudia Mast), University of Hohenheim, Germany.

The conference was sponsored by:

www.lfk.de www.mfg.de www.swr.de www.faz.net

Conference central topics include:
  • Cross-media
  • Ensuring quality in Online Research
  • Online market research and e-commerce
  • Internet, globalization and society

Check out the program, the best poster, and streaming video recordings.

Program Committee:
Wolfgang Bandilla (ZUMA, Mannheim)
Claudia Mast (University of Hohenheim)
Barbara Pfetsch (University of Hohenheim)
Michael Schenk(University of Hohenheim)
Ulf-Dietrich Reips (University of Zurich)

The local organization team can be contacted at:

University of Hohenheim
Department for Communication Science and Journalism
Keyword: GOR-02
Fruhwirthstr. 49
D-70599 Stuttgart

eMail gor@uni-hohenheim.de
URL http://www.media.uni-hohenheim.de
Tel. +49-711-459 3366
FAX +49-711-459 3376

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