1.) title of the Panel-Discussion:
Current relevance and future of online access panels

2.) duration of the Panel-Discussion:
90 minutes

3.) Description of the content of the Panel-Discussion:
Online access panels consist of a pool of registered persons, who agree to participate in online surveys. In the early stages of commercial online market research, a debate on principles about recruitment, incentive systems, maintenance and structure of panels took place. Its results amongst other things were incorporated in the “Standards for quality assurance of online surveys” (May 2001) by ADM, BVM, ASI and DGOF. Now after 4 years the questions come up, which importance online access panels have achieved in the mean time in Germany and internationally, which standards have been established at client- and customer-side and which future development is forecasted by the participants of the podium.

4.)Participance are:
a) Carrier international online acces panel:
     Ciao AG, Christoph Irmer
    Greenfield online, Michael Baierl
b) Carrier national online acces panel:
    Speedfacts, Boris von Heesen
    Marketagent Österreich, Thomas Schwabl
c) Customer-side institute:
    TNS Emnid, Andrew Mairon or Frank Wagner
    Psyma Online, Frank Knapp
d) Scientific sites:
    University of Erlangen, Anja Göritz
e) Moderation:
    Board member DGOF, Holger Geißler



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