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Workshops during the General Online Research 06

There will be tutorial workshops covering key methods and topics of internet research on Monday, 20st of March 2006. These will be held by qualified researchers and practitioners.

Participation in workshops is not free of charge and the number of participants will be restricted. Registered visitors of the conference have priority.

At the moment, the German Society for Online Research is busy organizing the following workshops:

fully booked!
WS 1 Social network analysis and its application to Internet research (English)
Prof. Dr. Chris Snijders (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Price (full/reduced): 40,- EUR /20,- EUR
mehr Info
WS 3 Usability Tests (German only)
Christian Escher (Psychonomics GmbH)
Preise (voll/ermäßigt): 90,- EUR / 25,- EUR
mehr Info
WS 4 Working with MSR Community Tools and related social software (English)
Marc Smith (Microsoft Research)
Price (full/reduced): 90,- EUR / 25,- EUR
mehr Info
WS 5 Internet Surveys (German only)
Prof. Dr. Bernard Batinic & Timo Gnambs (Universität Linz)
Price (full/reduced): 50,- EUR / 25,- EUR
mehr Info
WS 6 Weblogs & Blogging: Potential and practical Opportunities within Academia & Journalism (German only),
Dr. Martin Welker (University Leipzig),
Price (full/reduced)50,- EUR / 25,- EUR
mehr Info

More information concerning the workshop program is coming soon.



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