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The General Online Research Conference is annually organized by the German Society for Online Research in cooperation with a partner. In 2022 the GOR conference will take place from Wednesday 16 March to Friday 18 March 2022 in Berlin in cooperation with the HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences.

DGOF – German Society for Online-Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung)
HTW Berlin – University of Applied Scienes

Organizer and Founder of the GOR conference series

DGOF – German Society for Online-Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung)

Online research is a dynamic, innovative field, with constantly emerging challenges as well as opportunities for research and practice. The German Society for Online Research/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online Forschung (DGOF) is a modern, innovative association, which has focused on the interests of the actors in the field of online research since its establishment in 1998. It is the association’s goal to be the leader in this field. DGOF seeks to bridge different research fields (such as sociology, psychology, political science, economics, market and opinion research, data science) using online research methods and facilitates the transfer between academic research and the industry.

DGOF campaigns for the establishment and the development of online research as well as the interests of online researchers in Germany. Online research ranges from online based data collection methods (e.g., web surveys in online panels); to mobile research with smartphones, tablets, and wearables; to the collection and analysis of social media data, administrative data, data from passive measurements, and other big data sources.

DGOF organizes the General Online Research (GOR) conference and the Research Plus event series which support professional and collegial exchanges between researchers and practitioners across academia and the industry. By bringing together scientific findings, commercial needs, and practical applications for best practices, DGOF provides a sustainable input for further developments in online research.

Change through innovation is a key characteristic of our research field. DGOF is a facilitator for this change:

1. DGOF means development: Online research is more than just web surveys. We constantly expand our portfolio and our expertise with the development, encouragement, and establishment of innovative digital methods, passive measurement, and big data methods. In addition, we focus on the relationship between the Internet and society.

2. DGOF connects: We are a bridge between different research disciplines and across commercial applications.

3. DGOF is diverse: We support our members’ interests, for the dissemination of knowledge, for exchange, and for discussion, as well as for the establishment and implementation of scientific standards.

4. DGOF is innovative: We are a facilitator of new issues such as big data and data science.

5. DGOF is disruptive: We support change. It is our practice to foster acceptance for new methods in research, and we are always on the lookout for new developments.

The DGOF board consists of six members and is elected for a term of two years: Dr. Otto Hellwig (respondi), chairman of the board; Prof. Dr. Florian Keusch (University of Mannheim), deputy chairman; Dr. Stefan Oglesby (data IQ), deputy chairman; Dr. Bella Struminskaya (Utrecht University), deputy chairwoman; Dr. Cathleen Stützer (Technical University Dresden), deputy chairwoman and Alexandra Wachenfeld-Schell (GIM – Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung), deputy chairwoman.

If you have any questions regarding the conference feel free to contact us:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung – DGOF e.V.
Huhnsgasse 34b
50676 Cologne
phone: +49 (0) 221-27 23 18 180
E-Mail: office@dgof.de

Co-Organizer of GOR 22

HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences

Wide range of subjects

HTW Berlin offers over 70 study programmes in the areas of technology, computing, business, culture and design. It is the largest university of applied sciences in Berlin. Subjects range from classical disciplines such as mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and business administration to new and innovative study programmes such as facility management, economic policy and game design.

High education quality

Rankings regularly confirm the high level of education provided by HTW Berlin. Great importance is attached to foreign languages and key qualifications such as presentation skills. To facilitate the transition into working life, the university’s Career Services department also offers specially developed training courses. Students wishing to complete part of their studies abroad have plenty of opportunities to choose from. HTW Berlin actively collaborates with 140 universities worldwide and has an established network of cooperation partnerships.

Practice-oriented research

Research is a core task of HTW Berlin and a key success factor. Research activities connect the university with the professional world, scientific networks and companies, simultaneously guaranteeing a high level of quality in our study programmes and teaching. HTW Berlin’s researchers contribute their ideas, expertise and contacts to over 150 third-party funded research projects every year. Covering a wide variety of topics, these projects are generally carried out in cooperation with partners from industry. Many projects are specifically geared towards meeting the innovation needs of individual companies and industries or the development potential of the region.

Interdisciplinary research teams

The research agenda also includes topics that bundle a wide variety of specialist expertise and skills. It is only through interdisciplinary teams that integrated strategies can be developed, for example for a climate-friendly transformation of our energy supply, improved healthcare system, meeting the challenges of an aging society or the digitalisation of culture and society.

HTW – University of Applied Sciences
Treskowallee campus
Treskowallee 8
10318 Berlin