The General Online Research Conference is annually organized by the German Society for Online Research in cooperation with a partner. The GOR 24 conference will take place in Cologne in cooperation with the Rheinische Fachhochschule Kökn gGmbH from Wednesday, 21 February, to Friday, 23 February 2024.

Organizer and Founder of the GOR Conference Series

DGOF – German Society for Online Research (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung)

Online research is a dynamic, innovative field, with constantly emerging challenges as well as opportunities for research and practice. The German Society for Online Research/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online Forschung (DGOF) is a modern, innovative association, which has focused on the interests of the actors in the field of online research since its establishment in 1998. It is the association’s goal to be the leader in this field. DGOF seeks to bridge different research fields (such as sociology, psychology, political science, economics, market and opinion research, data science) using online research methods and facilitates the transfer between academic research and the industry.

DGOF campaigns for the establishment and the development of online research as well as the interests of online researchers in Germany. Online research ranges from online based data collection methods (e.g., web surveys in online panels); to mobile research with smartphones, tablets, and wearables; to the collection and analysis of social media data, administrative data, data from passive measurements, and other big data sources.

DGOF organizes various events that support professional and collegial exchanges between researchers and practitioners across academia and the industry. By bringing together scientific findings, commercial needs, and practical applications for best practices, DGOF provides a sustainable input for further developments in online research.

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung – DGOF e.V.
Huhnsgasse 34b
50676 Cologne
phone: +49 (0) 221-27 23 18 180
E-Mail: office@dgof.de
Web: www.dgof.de

The Co-Organizer of GOR 24:

Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln gGmbH 

The RFH – University of Applied Science, in Cologne is one of Germany’s largest education institutions with a modern range of teaching, research and service. With its 60-year tradition, the RFH, which has deeply rooted ties with many companies in the Rhineland region, is among the best professional schools in Germany. Generations of families have studied and graduated here. Trusting in tradition and having an openness for innovation have made the RFH a reliable education partner through fast-paced economic and social changes. Today approximately 6,500 students count on the expertise of the RFH.

The RFH offers over forty Bachelor and Master courses of study – in the specialized areas of Engineering, Media, Medical Economics & Health, Economics & Law, as well as Logistics Management, Marketing and Communication Management. The RFH offers study forms for different needs and life situations. Students can choose the full-time variant and commit themselves completely to their studies, an occupation-accompanying further qualification – also through certificate courses of study – or dual studies. Together with our dual partners, we train new generations of junior employees who are prepared individually for the requirements in their respective field.  

Compact and short courses of study as well as small course sizes are important aspects of our study program. In addition to classroom teaching, the RFH enables timely and spatially independent learning through digital learning and media formats. This applies in particular to the courses of study accompanied by occupational experience and certificate degrees. We achieve a high measure of practice proximity through project-oriented working, industry-experienced lecturers and through close partnerships with industry.

Even for a university with strong regional and practice-oriented applications, internationalization is an indispensable element within the framework of a globalized world. 

Also in an international context, the RFH sees itself as a place for cultural and civil promotion of a culture based on the universal values of human rights, peace, international solidarity and environmental protection.  


Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln gGmbH – University of Applied Sciences
Schaevenstraße 1 a – b
50676 Cologne
Web: Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln gGmbH

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