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Here you can find information concerning your submissions and conference registration:
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If you want to submit your research for the GOR conference, this is what you have to do:

The official conference language is English, which means all abstracts have to be handed in written in English. Abstracts should be submitted online via the GOR 19 ConfTool until the deadline for the track or competition mentioned in the Call for Papers. The abstract length can be up to 350 words. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed with respect to the quality of each of the following four paragraphs in the abstract:

Relevance & Research Question: —your text here—
Methods & Data: —your text here—
Results: —your text here—
Added Value: —your text here—

Please use the above template for your abstract submission (one paragraph for each criteria and include the keywords at the beginning of each paragraph). Incomplete abstracts with respect to the formal criteria above are likely to be rejected. Please note that purely promotional presentations will not be considered. In case your research is still work in progress, and therefore final empirical results are not available at the time of submission, you will be asked to hand in your results later. In this case, please note in the comments field during submission at what date you will be able to update your abstract. Please note that we cannot accept presentations unless final results are available. The presentations at the conference can last up to 15 minutes each followed by 5 minutes of discussion. Please consider a poster presentation for work in progress.

There are different submission criteria for the GOR Thesis Award 2019 competition: Submissions here should include the thesis as PDF-file, an extended abstract (limited to 7000 characters (including spaces)), a cover letter written by the contestant with details on affiliation, degree programme, supervisors, and graduation date, together with an agreement to present the results at the GOR conference. While the thesis itself might be in German all other submitted material has to be in English.

If your abstract has been accepted for the GOR conference, these are the things you have to do until 05 February 2019:

The abstract that you have submitted will appear in the exact same format in the abstracts reader. For this reason we kindly ask you to check your abstract and your personal details for the conference print-outs in the GOR 19 ConfTool. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the accuracy of your abstract in form and content.

Please make sure the following details are correct:
a) Author(s): The name format has to comply with conventions mentioned in the ConfTool, e.g., Leon Festinger(1), Karl R. Popper(2), James Coleman(1,2).
b) Do not capitalize the entire title. Capitalize the first letter of significant words only, i.e. do not capitalize words such as and, to, of, in, etc. as mentioned in the information on your submission.
c) Do not use empty lines or double spaces within your abstract and title, e.g. at the end of our abstract.
d) To begin a new paragraph hit the RETURN key only once.
e) Do not provide author name, additional author information in the abstract field.
f) Check your spelling.

The abstract should follow a formal structure and the following keywords should be included in the abstract:
a) Relevance & Research Question: —your text here—
b) Methods & Data: —your text here—
c) Results: —your text here—
d) Added Value: —your text here—

a) Did you mention all of your co-authors?
b) Do you want to name their affiliation?
c) Do you want to publish their e-mail addresses?
d) Do you like to publish additional contact information of you and your co-authors (URLs, telephone numbers)?
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There are three awards being given out at the GOR conferences: the GOR Best Practice Award, the GOR Poster Award as well as the GOR Thesis Award. More information on these awards and the competition proceedings can be found here.
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German Society for Online Research/
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Online-Forschung e.V. (DGOF)
Dr. Otto Hellwig (Chair of the DGOF board)
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Keusch (Chair of the GOR 19 programme committee)
Assistant Prof. Dr. Bella Struminskaya (Vice Chair of the GOR 19 programme committee)
Dr. Birgit Bujard (Managing Director DGOF)

Huhnsgasse 34b
50676 Cologne
phone: (+49) – (0)221 – 27 23 18 180
fax: (+49) – (0)221 – 27 23 18 113 (attn. DGOF)
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15 November 2018: Deadline for abstract submission for presentations in tracks A, B and C, and GOR Thesis Award 2019 competition

3 December 2018: Deadline for abstract submission for GOR Best Practice Award 2019 competition

approx. 18 December 2018: Announcement of the preliminary conference programme

24 January 2019: Deadline for abstract submission for posters and GOR Poster Award 2019 competition

31 January 2019: Deadline for early registration and presenting author registration (usually the first author)

5 February 2019: Deadline for changes to the texts of accepted abstracts

25 February 2019: Deadline for presentation upload and poster upload

6 March 2019: GOR pre-conference day with workshops and DGOF members meeting

7-8 March 2019: General Online Research 2019 (GOR 19)

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DGOF members receive a discount on the conference fee. If your company is a corporate member of DGOF, you receive the member discount as well. If you are not sure whether your company is a member, please contact the DGOF office via before registering.

There is an early registration discount for anyone else registering by 31 January 2019. Please keep in mind that presenting authors have to be registered for the conference by that date as well as otherwise the inclusion of their presentation in the conference program cannot be guaranteed.

Together with your conference registration you can also book workshops you would like to attend on the pre-conference day. Please note that in order to be allowed to attend a workshop pre-registration is necessary.

More information on the conference fees for GOR 19 can be found here.
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After registering for conference attendance via the GOR 19 ConfTool you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. This e-mail will also include a link to your invoice which you can then print out. We will not be sending you an invoice by post unless you specifically request one by contacting the DGOF office ( or call +49-(0)221 – 27 23 18 180). Alternatively you can download it as PDF-file directly from your ConfTool-account. You can access it after log-in via the button “invoice”.

Please pay your conference fee within 7 days after registering (receipt of payment in our account).
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GOR 19 will take place at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences


TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences
Campus Südstadt
Claudiusstr. 1
50678 Cologne

More information on how to get there can be found here.
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Posters offer a great opportunity to get in touch with people who share your research interests. Use this opportunity to explain your research! Start a conversation! Posters can be more effective than giving a talk. Abstracts for posters can be submitted until 24 January 2019 via the GOR19 ConfTool.

If your poster has been accepted for the GOR conference, these are the things you have to do until 25 February 2019:

Your poster has to be uploaded via the GOR 19 ConfTool until then. This is how to do it:
a) Log-in and then upload your file by using the button “final upload”
b) Name your file(s) as follows: lastname_firstname_Title_of_Presentation.
c) Use one of the formats: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pps, zip.
d) The maximum file size allowed is 22 MB.

The poster format: You need to bring a print out of your poster to the conference to be displayed there in the poster exhibition. The format should be DIN A0 (84.10 cm x 118.90 cm) and upright.

If you need to print your poster in Cologne, you can get in touch with

Mediadruck & Kopierer Service, E.Küpper & A.Mahdjoub GbR.
Ubierring 29, 50678 Köln (distance from TH Köln: 500 m)
Phone +49 (0)221/3318635
Either bring USB stick or mail to:

The conference organizers at the registration desk will provide you with powerstrips/magnets so you can hang your poster in the designated area.

We suggest you bring additional handouts which include your contact details and the poster content.

Please note that if you do not upload your poster by 25 February 2019 you can still present your poster at the GOR conference, but might be excluded from the GOR 19 poster award competition.
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If you wish to do a presentation at GOR 19 you can submit an abstract via the GOR 19 ConfTool. Submissions for Track A, B, C and the GOR Thesis Award 2019 competition can be made until 15 November 2018. Submissions for the GOR Best Practice Award 2019 competition can be done until 3 December 2018.

If your presentation has been accepted for the GOR conference, these are the things you have to do until 25 February 2019:

Your presentation slides have to be uploaded via the GOR 19 ConfTool until then. This is how to do it:
a) Log-in and then upload your file by using the button “final upload”
b) Name your file(s) as follows: lastname_firstname_Title_of_Presentation.
c) Use one of the formats: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pps, zip.
d) The maximum file size allowed is 22 MB.

For your oral presentation the usual GOR guidelines apply:
a) Length max. 15 minutes plus max. 5 minutes of discussion
b) The slides have to be in English.
c) The presentation language is English.

Several presentations will be joined into one session. Each session is chaired by a person who has the task to facilitate the discussion of the various contributions within this session. The names of the session chairs will be announced shortly before the conference. You will find the title of “your” session once the programme is published. We also recommend that you keep in mind or note down your session number.
The room number of your session will either be posted in the conference programme on the GOR-Website shortly before the conference or you will be informed about it at the registration desk when you arrive at the conference.
Please note that programme modifications are possible at any time. Make sure to check the slot of your presentation once again shortly before the conference begins by having a look at the program schedule on the website or contact the check-in personnel upon arrival at the conference.
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Cancellation of registration for the conference is free of charge until 31 December 2018. If a registration is cancelled until 1 February 2019 80% of the conference fee already paid will be refunded. For later cancellations we have to bill the full price.
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All visitors and participants of the GOR conference need to register via the GOR 19 ConfTool. This registration is the confirmation that you will attend GOR. Registration will begin at the end of this year.

There are various participant groups: students, academic participants and presenting authors and commercial participants. If you are not sure to which of these participant groups you belong, please contact the DGOF office via before registering. If you are a DGOF-member you receive a disount.

Only one author of a paper to be presented at GOR gets a discount on the conference fee. This rebate is not valid for any of the co-authors. Co-authors have to register as regular visitors no matter whether the paper will be presented by more than one person at the conference.

As always, there is one exception to this rule: Papers presented in the GOR Best Practice Competition have to be presented by two people (one representative of the research institute and one of the company). Here the presenting author discount is granted to one author from each of these groups.

To allow for a mention in the conference program, presenting authors must register by 31 January 2019. The registration deadline for poster presenters is 31 January 2019 as well.
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Review procedure:

All abstracts submitted are scored in a double-blind peer review by members of the GOR International Board according to the criteria mentioned in the submission format (clarity and quality of the four aspects: relevance & research question, methods & data, results, added value). Most submissions receive feedback and comments from 3 reviewers, together with the final decision of acceptance or rejection. Naturally, the chances of acceptance are increased if all four criteria are addressed in the abstract.
The programme committee is in charge of the final decisions based on the reviews. In case of multiple submissions by the same author(s) the programme committee reserves the right to limit the number of accepted submissions.

Review scheme:

Before reviewers submit their final recommendation on an 11-point-scale the GOR programme committee proposes the following scheme in which they can add points with respect to the criteria below:

Start with zero points. Then consider

Relevance & Research Question(s), up to 2 points: If the research question(s) and relevance is/are important or innovative add up to two points. If it is unclear, vague or missing, add zero points. If you have mixed feelings or it is neither good nor bad, add 1 point.

Methods & Data, up to 2 points: zero, if method is inadequate or not mentioned, 1 point if method is convincing and adequate, +1 for well documented sampling procedure and data description (e.g. non-probability sample, students, n=36 or 500 invitations to members of panel XY).

Results, up to 2 points: zero, if no explicit results are included or the authors did not address the research question. Add points for explicit results.

Added Value, up to 2 points: Add points, if it is clear what the results add to the existing body of knowledge or a recommendation was drawn from the results.

Add up to 2 bonus points for outstanding work and aspects that were not covered in this evaluation scheme, such as overall fit of submission to GOR conference, fit into track type (e.g., online research methodology or applied online market research, …) or other aspects in the abstract you would like to reward.

You might need to ignore this scheme, if it seems unappropriate for the submitted research (e.g., research without data collection).
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Before the conference:

The presentation slides have to be uploaded via the GOR 19 ConfTool before the conference. Make sure, however, to also bring your slides on a memory stick, just in case. Thus, it is necessary to provide us with your slides in the final version until 25 February 2019 via ConfTool.

Upload your slides via ConfTool:
a) Log-in and then upload your file by using the button “upload final”
b) Name your file(s) as follows: lastname_firstname_Title_of_Presentation.
c) Use one of the formats: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pps, zip.
d) The maximum file size allowed is 22 MB.

After the conference:

Until 25 March 2019 all authors who presented a poster or presentation at GOR 19 have the possibility to make changes to their uploaded material. Then all uploaded slides will be made available to the public for download. Those, who have not been able to upload their presentations or posters beforehand now have the opportunity to so. Alternatively, authors can upload a new version which they would like to have distributed.

To increase your presentation’s search engine visibility we suggest that you include a specific slide at the beginning of your own presentation which you can find here: Slide for the GOR 19 upload
We suggest that you upload a PDF-file as your final upload but other formats are also possible.
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There will be a number of workshops on various topics concerning online research taking place on 6 March 2019. These have to be booked separately during registration and are not covered by the regular GOR 19 conference fee.


Normal Rate: 40 € per person
Student Rate: 20 € per person (student ID needs to be presented at the Check-In)
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