GOR Best Practice Award 2020 Short List published

We have published the short list for the GOR Best Practice Award 2020 today.

The nominations:

  • “Chilling with VR – A Case Study with H/T/P, Electrolux and Vobling. How the interplay between classical qualitative and VR generated efficiencies and effectiveness” by Katrin Krüger (Happy Thinking People) and Jessica Adel (Electrolux AB Europe)
  • “Monetization of customer value in the rail business: Improving yield, revenues and customer relationship at the same time is possible – the case of WESTbahn in Austria” by Andreas Krämer (University of Applied Sciences Europe & exeo Strategic Consulting AG), Gerd Wilger (exeo Strategic Consulting AG) and Thomas Posch (WESTbahn Management GmbH)
  • “Appetite for Destruction: The Case of McDonald’s Evidence-based Menu Simplification” by Steffen Schmidt and Philipp Fessler (both LINK Institut) as well as Marius Truttmann and Severine Caspard (both McDonald’s Suisse)
  • “How to identify future trends in the automotive industry at an early stage of development by relying on access panel surveys?” by Patrick Schlickmann and Jim Walker (both SKOPOS GmbH & Co. KG) and Heiko Rother (Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH)
  • “Beyond the Real Voice of the Customer: Emotion measurement with Artificial Intelligence in advertising research” by Malte Friedrich-Freksa and Kim Rogers (both GapFish GmbH), Sandra Vitt (RTL Mediengruppe), Holger Lütters (HTW Berlin) as well as Dima Feller (Pangea Labs)
  • “Measuring the Incrementality of Marketing Online and Offline on Non-Experimental Data” by Daniel Althaus and Thies Jarms (both Neustar GmbH) and Ralf Schweitzer (Media-Saturn Marketing GmbH)
  • “How to better uncover emotions in early-stage innovation research” by Sebastian Wezel and Julia Görnandt (both SKIM Europe) as well as Sofia Jorman (Johnson & Johnson Global)
  • “Significant improvement of relevant KPIs with optimization of the programmatic modulation” by Silke Moser (GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH) and Frank Goldberg (DMI Digital Media Institute GmbH)

The GOR Best Practice Award 2020 competition will take place on Thursday, 12 March 2020 at GOR 20 in Berlin. The winners will be announced at the GOR Party on 12 March 2020.

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