GOR Best Practice Award 2021 Shortlist announced

The shortlist for this year’s GOR Best Practice Award has been determined.

The nominees are:

  • “Mobility Monitoring COVID-19 in Switzerland” by Beat Fischer (intervista AG, Switzerland) & Peter Moser (Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland)
  • “Shifting comsumer needs in the travel industry due to Covid-19 – AI based Big Data Analysis of User Generated Content” by Jens Heydenreich (Versicherungskammer Bayern, Germany) & Johanna Schoenberger (Dadora GmbH, Germany)
  • “The end of slide presentations as we know them: How to efficiently and effectively communicate results from market research?” by Andreas Krämer (exeo Strategic Consulting AG, Germany), Sandra Böhrs (simpleshow GmbH, Germany), Susanne Ilemann (simpleshow GmbH, Germany) & Johannes Hercher (Rogator AG, Germany)
  • “High Spirits – with No Alcohol?! Going digital with Design Thinking in the non-alcoholic drinks category – a case study in unlocking the power of digital for creative NPD tasks” by Christian Rieder (Happy Thinking People, Switzerland), Irina Caliste (Bataillard AG, Germany), Janine Katzberg (Happy Thinking People, Germany) und Edwart Appleton (Happy Thinking People, Germany)
  • “Hungry for Innovation: The Case of SV Group’s Augmented Insights Brand Concept Fit Analysis” von Steffen Schmidt (LINK Marketing Services AG, Switzerland), Stephanie Naegeli (SV AG, Switzerland), Tobias Lang (SV AG, Switzerland) & Jonathan T. Mall (Neuro Flash, Germany)
  • “The dm Corona Insight Generator – A mixed method approach” von Oliver Tabino (Q Agentur für Forschung, Germany), Mareike Oehrl (Q Agentur für Forschung, Germany) und Thomas Gruber (dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Germany)

The GOR Best Practice Award 2021 competition will take place during GOR 21 online on Thursday, 9 September 2021.

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